Our Mission Statement

The UConn SBA is dedicated to providing its members with invaluable first-hand experience in the sport business and entertainment industry along with tremendous opportunities for professional networking. By providing our members with unique opportunities to connect with top sports professionals, gain exclusive access to prominent sports businesses, and gain exclusive access to local sports internships, the SBA properly prepares each member for a career in sports and more.


SBA Background

What you need to know about the club


Guest Speakers

  • SBA invites elite sport professionals in the Northeast to speak about their career accomplishments, personal experiences, and points of advice to aspiring students.


  • To better understand the inner mechanisms of a major sports organization, SBA occasionally takes field trips to visit prominent sport businesses to experience their daily operations and network with elite sport professionals.

Internship Opportunities

  • In order to prepare each member for a career in sport business and entertainment, we share information about local sports internship opportunities with our members as they become available.


Being apart of the SBA Team will bring many benefits.

  • The fee for becoming a member is $15

  • Priority and discounts for SBA trips 

  • Weekly "Internship of the week" emails 

  • Exclusive access to networking events 

Meet Our Executive Board


Sebastien Kerr


Meet the SBA President: Sebastien Kerr. Seb is a senior at the University of Connecticut pursuing a degree in Sport Management. Seb is a Game Day Operations Supervisor for UConn Athletics, and the RA for the ScHOLA2RS House Learning Community. Seb was also the Director of Sponsorship for the second annual UConn Sport Business Conference last spring. He aspires to go to law school immediately following his undergraduate career in hopes of becoming a Sport Agent.

Gage Fiorentino

Vice President

Meet Gage Fiorentino, the Vice President and former UConn Sport Business Conference Co-Director. Gage is a junior in UConn’s Sport Management Program and has a minor in economics, as well as a pre-law track. He works at the UConn Office of Athletic Compliance, volunteer coaches for the Granby Memorial High School Varsity Football Team,  and is also involved with UConn’s Law Society. Gage’s goal is to work as an agent for NFL Players and his favorite professional sports team is the Indianapolis Colts. 

Ty Reeves

Director of Fundraising

Ty Reeves, the Director of Fundraising for SBA and Associate Vice President. He is a sophomore dual-majoring in Journalism and Communications. His favorite sports are Soccer, Basketball and Baseball and he currently plays for the Uconn Club Baseball team. 

Micah Collins

SBA Chief Financial Officer

Micah Collins, the Chief Financial Officer for SBA. He is a Senior dual-majoring in Sport Management and Communications. His favorite sport is hockey, and he has worked for the Danbury Titans of the Federal Hockey League and the UConn Women’s Ice Hockey Team. 

Dylan Barrett

Director of Administration

Meet SBA Director of Administration, Dylan Barrett. Dylan is a senior at the University of Connecticut pursuing an individual degree in Sports Analysis. He is a student manager for the Uconn Baseball team, has interned with the Lehigh Valley IronPigs and writes for Daily Campus.

Taylor Woods

SBA Chief Marketing Officer

Taylor Woods, the Chief of Marketing Officer for SBA. She is a senior majoring in Communications. Her favorite sport is Track and field as she is currently on the Division 1 Track and Field Team here at UConn. Taylor will be assisting the current CMO as she transitions to take over the position next year.

Jalaal Sandy

SBC Chief Marketing Officer

Jalaal Sandy, the Chief Marketing Officer for the Sport Business Conference. He is a senior majoring in Sport Management and minoring in Economics. His favorite sports are basketball and football and he is a student assistant in the recruiting department with UConn Football. Jalaal will be assisting the current CMO and editing the SBC website for the upcoming conference.

Douglas Wardlaw

Director of Career Services

Meet the SBA Director of Career Services: Douglas Wardlaw.  He is an offensive lineman for UConn Football and an economics major. Doug’s favorite sports teams are the Brooklyn Nets and the New York Yankees. He aspires to get in the field of finance in sports.  Doug locates local internships weekly and helps find mentors for the annual UConn Sports Business Conference.

Noel Brouse

Director of Diversity & Outreach

Meet Noel Brouse III, the Associate Director of Diversity & Outreach for the SBA. He is a senior majoring in Sport Management. He currently works with the UConn Sport Management Digital Media Team and works directly with all social media platforms and posts on behalf of the Sport Management program. Noel is from Allentown, Pennsylvania and currently plays on the UConn Football team as an Offensive Lineman. Noel is also part of the UConn Ski club and enjoys skiing when he’s not playing on the football field. His favorite sports teams include: the New England Patriots, Philadelphia 76ers, Philadelphia Phillies, and the Philadelphia Flyers.  

Alex Rubinfeld

SBC Director of Finance

Conference Director of Finance: Alex Rubinfeld is a senior dual-degreeing in Sport Management and Marketing with a minor in Psychology. As an avid fan of the New York Knicks and the NBA in general, Alex is a contributor for the Daily Knicks, a Fansided page.
While trying to make a career out of the NBA, Alex interned with the Brooklyn Nets in Facility Operations through the Summer. As for this upcoming semester, Alex will be working with Husky Sport as well as fill the position of secretary for Husky Adapted Sport.

Chris Mena

Sport Business Conference Co-Coordinator

Chris Mena, a Sport Business Conference Co-Coordinator. He is a junior majoring in Sport Management and minoring in Business Fundamentals. His favorite sport is baseball and he has worked for the Rockland Boulders and the UConn Men’s Basketball team. Chris will be getting advice from the past SBC Coordinators in order to plan and coordinate the conference in 2020.


Mark Landolfi

Sport Business Conference Co-Coordinator

Mark is a junior pursuing a double major in Sport Management and Finance. He wants to attend law school and ultimately work in the front office of a major league baseball team and is also building a company focused around data collection and analysis in sports. Mark has interned at USA Basketball and if involved in many organizations on campus. 

Joe Foley

Senior Advisor

Joe Foley is entering his senior year and majors in Sport Management. A huge basketball fan, Joe hopes to one day work for an NBA organization or team, but he also enjoys baseball as he has worked for the Hartford Yard Goats front office for the past two summers

Nate Nugent

Senior Advisor

Meet Nathan Nugent. Nate is senior at the University of Connecticut pursuing a dual degree in Journalism and Sport Management. Nate takes part in Undergraduate Research through the Neag School of Education focused around African American Athlete Activism. He is also currently a manager for the UConn Men’s Basketball Team, and a reporter for UCTV Sports. Nate was also the Co-Director for the second annual UConn Sport Business Conference last spring. He aspires to someday break into the field of sports broadcasting and analytics.


Meet Our Associates 

Tyron Houston 

SBA Associate Director of Fundraising 

Tyron is a Sophomore, Political Science major with a minor in Sports Management. His favorite sport is a tossup between basketball and football. As an avid Kevin Durant fan he believes KD can lead any team to a championship. He is also a die hard New England Patriots fan, and is a firm believer that Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. is the greatest QB of all time !

Frank Pergola

SBA Associate Chief Marketing Officer 

Frank Pergola. He is a Freshman from New Jersey in the Honors Program and the School of Business. Currently an undecided student but interested in a focus in marketing. His favorite sport is college basketball.

Yanice Lin

SBA Associate Chief Financial Officer 

 Yanice Lin. She is a Junior from China majoring in Sport Management with a minor in Statistics.  She is very optimistic and easy to get along with. And she aspires to work in Event Planning and International Business after graduation. 

Molly Cronin

 Associate  Director of Administration 

Molly Cronin. She is a freshman majoring in psychology with the hope of eventually applying into the Sport Management Program sophomore year while maintaining a minor in psychology. Her favorite sports are basketball and volleyball and she is the current manager of the UConn Women’s Lacrosse team. 

Addison Holzkamp-Hadsell

Associate Director of Outreach

Addy Hadsell. He is a Junior from Napa, California majoring in Sport Management with a minor in Analytics. His favorite sports are basketball and football and he plans on interning with a professional team in one of those sports this summer. Addy also has a passion for hip-hop/rap music and world history, and loves staying physically active whenever he can. He is super excited to contribute to SBA and continue helping the club grow!

Fernanda Reyes

Associate Director of Diversity & Inclusion

Fernanda Reyes. Fernanda is a Sophomore in the Allied Health Sciences program with a minor in Spanish and Psychological Sciences. Her favorite sport to watch is college basketball. She has hopes of becoming a physical therapist for either a professional or college sports team.  

Mark Jeune

Associate Director of Member Engagement

 Mark Jeune. Mark is a Communications Major with a Minor in Business Information Assurance. Basketball is Mark’s favorite sport to watch and play. He is a super cool, laid back guy and is extremely excited to be apart of SBA and is thrilled to watch this club flourish.

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